PICTURE: Claims that Ronaldo will join United in August for €80 million

by Sam Peoples


According to The Sun, Cristano Ronaldo will be unveiled as a Manchester United player on August 8 2013 in an €80 million deal despite Real Madrid’s confidence he will sign a new deal.

Given that Ronaldo is currently away on international duty with Portugal, it is highly unlikely any sort of deal would have been agreed in his absence so take the claims with a wheelbarrow of salt.

The thought of Ronaldo coming home is fantastic, on paper, but in reality it would not make any sense whatsoever given the options that would be available to United this summer.

At 28, Ronaldo has two or three years left playing at his peak before he will start to decline so why would United fork out over 80% of the received fee for his move to Real Madrid back in 2009 for such a short investment?

“My aim, Cristiano’s aim and the aim of all Real Madrid fans is that he carries on playing here for many years to come.” Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid 

You could look at the impact of 29-year-old Robin van Persie but at £24 million given how important he was in the title race, that was an absolute steal – £65m is a different ball park altogether.

And if United were looking to spend that much on a player, 23-year-old Gareth Bale would be a more realistic option given that he set the Premier League alight and is improving with each game he plays. It would represent a real investment on paper given United’s woeful wingers last season and financially given his potential resale value.

But United are more likely to draw blood from a stone than strike a deal with Daniel Levy.

Given his admittance that he was unhappy at Real Madrid earlier this season, there was going to be a summer long speculation surrounding Ronaldo’s future and while it would be romantic to have Ronaldo back at Old Trafford, United have far bigger issues to address.

We saw Ronaldo grow from a greasy haired, cocky Portuguese winger into the world’s most formidable and complete striker. Viva Ronaldo will always be sung from the terraces but that is the closest United fans will get to seeing him play for United again I feel.

Photo: Twitter/CheGiaevara

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