Shinji Kagawa reveals unhappiness at Manchester United

by Tom Parker

I didn’t score that much and I also had my injury. Despite that, it was great we won the league – I just don’t feel that I achieved everything that I wanted. For me personally, it wasn’t a good season.” Shinji Kagawa

Shinji Kagawa is hoping for a vast improvement in his second season after a mixed first year at Manchester United.

The £17 million signing from an all-conquering Borussia Dortmund side had his fair share of good performances in his maiden campaign, the highlight of which was a hat-trick in early March against Norwich.

A final tally of eight goals and eight assists could be considered a success, especially when a two month lay-off due to an ankle injury which curtailed his progress is factored into the equation.

But Kagawa has vowed to improve next term in a season where he has been tipped by many to shine.

“It was a tough time for me with a lot going on in my head,” Shinji told the official Barclays Premier League website.

“I am not happy with my performance for the team at all.

“I didn’t score that much and I also had my injury. Despite that, it was great we won the league – I just don’t feel that I achieved everything that I wanted. For me personally, it wasn’t a good season.”

Next year could be a defining year for Kagawa. Incoming boss David Moyes typically used goal-scoring midfielders such as Tim Cahill and Marouane Fellaini as the focal point of his teams and Kagawa has a real eye for goal, illustrated by his impressive tally for Dortmund (29 goals in 71 appearances from midfield).

Despite his dissatisfaction at his own performances, Kagawa remained insistent that he is happy to play wherever he is placed and won’t become disheartened despite playing in a position where his effectiveness is somewhat limited.

“I always think that I must play well,” Kagawa continued.

“And I always have an image in my mind of how I want to play, wherever the position. Whenever there is a tough time, whenever it gets difficult for me, I just train and look ahead to the future.”

Kagawa was often shoe-horned into a position on the left of midfield in an Andres Iniesta-type role and while he had an impact from out wide, there is little doubting that the diminutive playmaker does his best work from the middle. He is expected to feature there more often next year after a stellar finish culminating in a third title in three years for Kagawa.

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OJM 06/25/2013 - 14:33

…and now you have removed my (valid) criticism from the site. Really? Can you take no criticism?

Still, what do I expect from a website run by teenagers.

samp 06/25/2013 - 16:29

No comments have been removed. Headline is a fair representation of what Kagawa goes on to discuss.

Patrick Mwangi 06/26/2013 - 02:16

nowhere does he say that he is unhappy at united. The headline reminds me of with their mysterious ” sources” and eurosport on yahoo.
Come on guys, don´t do this to us too,please. 🙂

Vin133 06/26/2013 - 22:12

I agree headline is misleading (all be i do not believe intentionaly, just a very poor piss ass post) plus this story has been around the block already if you have nothing
new or interesting then nothing it should be:( but to slate the whole site due to 1 article is a tad unfair

OJM 06/25/2013 - 10:46

The headline for this article is incredibly misleading and disingenuous. This is nothing more than click-fishing. Every news source has already said “Kagawa can improve”, “Kagawa feels he must do better” or “Kagawa disappointed with his form”.

You have said: “Shinji Kagawa reveals unhappiness at Manchester United”

You can see the difference can’t you?

I used to like this website, but it has gone downhill very quickly. I once stuck up for the founder of the site when someone criticized him by saying that this was one of the most thoughtful, fair and least knee-jerk fan sites around. It didn’t use provocative or misleading headlines, regurgitate the same old nonsense or have poor guest writers. I could never say the same thing today.



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