Meulensteen: Rooney has his own agenda

by Sam Peoples

I’m sure David Moyes and the staff will be clever enough to use the experience and I’m sure with a couple of additions United will be very strong contenders to win the Premier League.” Rene Meulensteen

Rene Meulensteen admitted that Wayne Rooney has his own agenda ahead of what could be his exit from Manchester United.

The 49-year-old Dutchman was released yesterday to end a 12 year association with the club and Rooney has been linked with his own exit after Sir Alex Ferguson said he handed in a second transfer request.

Barcelona have now been linked to Rooney but no movement has officially happened from either Rooney or United as of yet.

And when asked by Sky Sports News‘ Jim White if Rooney would be at the club next season, Meulensteen re-iterated his hopes that Rooney would stay at the club despite such agendas.

“I don’t think Wayne and I were that closely connected,” he said with a laugh.

“Wayne has his own agenda, he’s a young player still, in his prime.

“I hope he stays but its obviously not up to me to decide and whatever he decides to do I wish him all the best.”

Meulensteen knew Rooney better than most given that he had trained him for the past five years and underneath the Dutchman, Rooney has had some superb seasons. He stepped into the hole left by Ronaldo and spearheaded United’s success in his absence until the past couple of years where his spark seems to have diminished somewhat.

With Moyes officially taking over as United manager on July 1, expect there to be some genuine movement in regards to player signings and hopefully some clarification as to whether Rooney will be staying at Old Trafford next season or not.

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s 06/28/2013 - 22:28

spot on, but he needs to shoot more often and stay at Old Trafford.

Preston 06/28/2013 - 12:35

The Spark that you fools keep crying about being missing in Rooney is nutting except those dashing challenges he made at crucial moments when younger…those hard challenges would please you and you named it the ‘SPARK’. His never ending running has reduced, but that is not bcoz his love for Utd is diminishing, he has learnt how to conserve and time and make the most of the runs he makes, the decisions he makes are more mature than that of him 4-5 years ago….Rooney has had to change his playing style for the sake of the team…..he can still score superb goals, create goals, destroy an opposing play maker, and work for the defense….he has matured into an ‘all rounder’ for the sake of his team as compared with focusing on his individual self, Utd have tried to buy a central midfielder for 5-6 years, Rooney has been covering for us all this time in that position for atleast 2-3 years…. do agree he could yet deliver much more, and by more for some its goals and for the rest of us, its an overall approach that the Real Wayne Rooney can bring to Manchester United…considering the exclusive salary bracket he has earned himself….he needs to keep proving it he deserves it, but he and i both know your ‘past glories’ are forgotten and he has to lead this young Utd side like how he was led, he will fit into any team system anywhere on the planet, but he was born to the be the ‘White Pele’ only for Manchester United…


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