Does Thiago’s Barcelona tour involvement rule him out of United move?

by Sam Peoples

Barcelona’s spokesman Toni Freixa earlier confirmed that Thiago is expected to join up with the squad for pre-season training on July 15.

Given that the 22-year-old remains under contract with Barcelona, it is hardly a surprise that the club expects him to continue with his player duties, it would be stranger if he didn’t.

But tonight, there have been unconfirmed reports that Thiago has been officially listed as part of Barcelona’s 2013 Asian tour that starts on August 7.

It seems Barcelona are finally starting to make public moves regarding the Thiago situation having kept quiet up until now and if Thiago does join up with Barcelona on tour, he wouldn’t finish until one week before the start of the Premier League season which begins on August 17 and would take no part in United’s tour.

Rewind to last summer. Robin van Persie was supposed to join up with Arsenal for their pre-season tour following Holland’s early exit from Euro 2012 but he was omitted from the squad by Wenger and he had soon made the move to Old Trafford.

In a similarly silent fashion to that of Thiago currently, van Persie did not publicly comment on his future at Euro 2012 until he had moved to United, something he later admitted was at the wish of Arsenal.

Despite a similar situation arising this summer with Thiago’s potential current transfer, his circumstances are different. The club do not need to negotiate any sort of deal because of his €18 million release clause – it is simply a decision that Thiago must decide upon himself if the clause is met by any club.

Thiago is yet to give any concrete hint as to where he will be playing next season. Both him and Barcelona have kept their cards very close to their chest right now but with United’s pre-season training already underway, Barcelona’s about to begin and the respective tours coming up, Thiago will have to make a decision soon as to where he wants to ply his trade next season.

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Dean 07/10/2013 - 11:18

It seems the writings on the wall, like stated in the article, if any club meets the £17m buy out clause, then its not upto Barcelona but the players choice to stay or to move on. I am pretty sure Man Utd have no problem paying £17m for a 22 year old great potential, but maybe the player has doubts in leaving Barca FC, the city he claims he “loves” and his superstar team mates. I sincerly hope United already have a BIG plan B.

kateku7 07/10/2013 - 10:22

I think the problem now is David Moyes is trying to stall some time because he came in recently and need some times to evaluate what is good for the team. So he is paying some respect to the players for now and it take some times.

Another problem now is David Gill has just left and our new person coming in seems incapable? or whatever it is still trying to come out with the deal.

I hope they can act fast and bring in new players and quickly settle the team for the pre season.

ugochukwu 07/10/2013 - 07:50

Really getting bored of this whole Thiago saga, we should have back up plans for other midfielders like Christian Ericksen and the sublime Quintero of Columbia. We didn’t push hard enough for Van Ginkel and Chelsea got him. No news on Strootman/Bender/Felliani. We are just standing still here. There is a lovely midfielder who featured for Spain at the Under-20 world cup named SAUL. Maybe we can get interested. Chelsea are about to get the wes Brom teenager but United are just watching. SAD

Eric 07/10/2013 - 04:55

I think he won’t join us. Its very similar with sneijer saga. Its too complicated when everything should be finalized so simple. If he wants to join us and we interested, we jst hve to pay £17 mil and agree d salary. Done. It takes too long, let’s move on guys, I’m sure ManU will make 2 big signings since its a new era and moyes will be given funds to rebuild d squad.,


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