Manchester United finally make their Twitter move

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United have made their long overdue entry into Twitter this morning by officially launching an account.

It was only a matter of time before United opened up an official account after the appointment of David Sternberg as head of media in June and means that United now have an official presence on Facebook and Twitter.

The only surprise with the official Twitter page is that there wasn’t one sooner given how powerful a marketing tool it can be for the club.

Within the first 90 minutes since going official, the account has already racked up over 100,000 followers at a rate of over 1,000 followers a minute which is an indication of just how powerful the United brand is on a global scale.

FC Bayern Munich: 467,430 | Real Madrid: 8,166,000 | FC Barcelona: 9,429,603 | Manchester City: 992,926 | Chelsea: 2,387,643 | Liverpool: 1,775,820  Twitter followers

To their credit, many other clubs including Manchester City have a great social media presence (check out their video of Pelegrini’s first day) so it is about time United made steps to having a real online presence to compete with them.

I expect that United will likely open up an official Youtube account at some point this year as well and may look into other areas such as Pinterest and Google+, but it is good that the club are finally going to be able to engage directly with their fans.

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