PICTURE: United’s new wingers are ready for next season

by Sam Peoples

The combined performance of Antonio Valencia, Luis Nani and Ashley Young was pretty dismal at Manchester United last season and the fact that Patrice Evra scored more goals than all three of them combined says it all.

But Adnan Januzaj and Wilfried Zaha are ready to breath some much needed life into United’s wings next season.

The 18-year-old Belgian born Januzaj has worked with his way through the academy at a very fast rate and after only one full season, he has been promoted to the first-team.

But for someone so young, he oozes confidence and against Singha All-Stars he wasn’t phased by the occasion at all. Moyes’ decision to start him was a testament to how much talent he has and having him as an option on the wing is fantastic.

januzaj-zaha2While Moyes may not use him too much for the Premier League games, I fully expect him to have a breakthrough season at the club.

And as for Zaha, fans are really expecting quite a lot from him straight away. The pressure might not be a good thing given how big a step up playing for United is but under the pressures of the Championship play-off and final, he thrived – so the indications are that he can handle the pressure well.

The main reason why I’m a fan of Zaha is his ability to use both feet like Nani can. Young and Valencia’s one sided-ness made them predictable and it is something that can make Zaha so dangerous for defenders.

Although the midfield situation has not been sorted out yet, it certainly looks like Moyes has got the Boyes to spruce up his wings and reinstate United’s traditionally strong and influential wingers.

Photo: Times of Malta

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