EXCLUSIVE: Brazilian striker won’t be joining Manchester United as negotiations end

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United will not be signing Brazilian striker Bruno Gomes from Desportivo Brasil.

The 17-year-old had strongly been linked with a move to Old Trafford ever since a successful trial at the club but United have decided not to follow through on the deal.

Gomes’ representatives will now begin negotiations with clubs in England, Italy and Brazil who are interested in signing the striker.

Speaking exclusively to The Peoples Person, Gomes’ representative Alexis Malavolta admitted the young Brazilian was upset at the news.

“Manchester United and Bruno Gomes did not reach an agreement and he will no longer go to Manchester,” he confirmed.

“He is very upset because he was focused on playing in 2014 for United.

“Manchester also has a stake in the economic rights B9 but released him to deal with another club.”

Up until now, Gomes’ representation has held back from negotiating with any other club interested in him but they will now be looking elsewhere to secure a new club for the youngster.

Malavolta continued: “Paulo Conceição and I, as representative of Bruno Gomes, will talk to the clubs who are interested in Italy, England and Brazil.

“It was just a case of waiting for the official position of Manchester. Now that has been released, we will seek the best for Bruno.”

Gomes had become a fans’ favourite even before signing on the dotted line at United because of his presence on Twitter where he happily engaged in conversation with United fans.

He has had a prolific 12 months in Brazil, securing the Golden Boot for the U17 Championship in Brazil (scoring seven goals in one game along the way) as well as winning his debut title with Brazil’s U17 national side.

It is a shame that we won’t get to see what Gomes can do at Old Trafford but I wish him the best of luck with whatever club he goes to.

image (4)Obrigado and good luck, Bruno.

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b 07/18/2013 - 23:48

Will the fairweather fans asking for Moyes’ head shut the f*ck up. This type of thing would have happened with Fergie too. (Adem Ljajic), not to mention the ones we signed with Fergie who left soon after, oh and what about Bebe???? GIVE MOYES TIME, this may have not even been his decision! Dont know why some are saying to sack him, even Fergie said we need patience with the new manager and we need to honour his request ffs.

Gothic Wolf 07/18/2013 - 23:05

Baffling, mystifying… I know much of the summer hype is without foundation, fabricated by journos starved of action headlines. But the stuff that is clearly verifiable makes our club’s negotiators look like amateurs. Of course we can’t be certain that the greedy agents had their boy’s best footballing interest at heart or demanded conditions which were untenable, but it is another PR disaster for the Red Devils… Even the most objective fan must feel a shiver of unease at what seems to be happening of late. If Thiago’s mind was made up weeks ago why did we come out stating our interest in him when the ink on his contract with Bayern was drying? Or why offer twice as much for Cesc if we wanted Thiago after all? It just doesn’t add up, unless its all a smoke screen to give an impression we are after top players when in fact we’ll only sign the Everton boys? Spurs won’t sell us bale any more than Barca let Cesc go after having just lost Thiago or Real letting CR7 go… Now this… a world class talent who DREAMS of playing for us… an explanation to the fans is duly warranted please!
Sound bites like we are always interested in the best talent and players won’t fool or convince anyone unless we are seen to be getting our targets. DM can assemble the team he wants, IF that means Rooney out and Baines & Fellaini in then so be it, but for goodness sake deal with the PR better unless we want to become the laughing stock amongst the European “giants”.

moo moo 07/18/2013 - 21:02

Somthing needs to b acheived soon cause the possability of loosing rooney and gaining no 1 to fill the space could cost us big time with the clubs around us fetching in quality players ……

Andy 07/18/2013 - 20:59

Mark my words,this’ll be another one that comes back to haunt us,just like Zidane and Henry did.It’s patently obvious that this kid has insane potential and was desperate to come to us (a rarity of late).I’ve no idea why we chose not to take such a small risk for potentially huge gain.

Hopefully he’ll retain his love for United when,in 5 years time,we try and buy him off whoever for £35 million!!

Rick 07/18/2013 - 20:48

I agree that he needs to prove to us, that he has the mental strength to go and get these top players. With regaurds to the initial post it does not make any sense that a Brazilian top u21 golden boot prospect that was done and dusted was told nah thanks we don’t need u. Heeeeellllloooooo moyes…………

Sulz 07/18/2013 - 16:53

Those who are saying motes should be sacked are a pathetic excuse for a football fan.

Wayne and Robin 07/18/2013 - 14:45

Moyes is awful, needs to be sacked ASAP

steve dyson 07/18/2013 - 07:39

Not only that,Mats Daehli left recently with talk of a buy back clause – of 8 mllion according to rumours. !!! It’s like watching a chess game but being unable to see the board !

Ian Feetham 07/18/2013 - 05:06

Mark, Like you i am mystified at what is happening at United,
Here is a boy with loads of talent from all accounts, who has been and trained at Carrington, loved the place, the club, the weather , everything had set his heart on coming to Manchester
United, Told the World of his dreams on twitter of making it at
the club, of being the first Brazillian to win the Premier Leagues
leading goal scorer, i really believe this boy should have been given the chance, as you say cost next to nothing, and with the chance to get our money back down the track if it did not work out, How many young Brazillian footballers are going to put
their faith in playing for United after they have seen this boys dreams destroyed by some Goose at Manchester United, if
David Moyes had anything to do with this i can only hope his
six year contract has a six month release clause inserted in it.

ian harris 07/18/2013 - 07:05

Maybe you people should stop believing every little word that is printed. Mourinho’s ‘bid’ for Rooney is for 1 thing . To unstable United’s pre-season. So chillout before you have a heart attack

rookie111 07/18/2013 - 04:53

United is set to become a mediocre club thanks to Glazers…Well good for them though as they will be looking into the possibility of sucking all the money out of the brand Manchester untied and then one day sell the club when it has lost its glamor… Sad but could turn out to be a harsh reality…

Rome 07/18/2013 - 02:53

Moyes is destroying our team Bruno is the future this dude has to go this is not Everton and we do not need any of those trash Everton players Moyes has to go it was a bad move and the early signs indicate worse to come

Mark 07/18/2013 - 02:15

Now I am really confused. To this point we cannot seem to attract any players of any note, and here is a young lad who obviously has ability and dreams only of coming to United and we spurn him. I do not understand what is going on. We could at least given him the benefit of the doubt. He would have cost next to nothing but with massive potential. This one was a no brainer and if he didn’t quite live up to expectations then we could have still sold for a profit. What am I missing????


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