Manchester United given fresh update with midfielder

by Sam Peoples

Darren Fletcher is on course for a return to playing for Manchester United but has admitted he still doesn’t know when that will be.

The 29-year-old midfielder underwent surgery last season as part of his ongoing battle with an ulcerative colitis condition that has taken him out of action and said back in July that he hoped to return soon after the start of the new season.

But Fletcher has still not returned to full contact training yet.

“I’m still in the hands of the surgeons at the moment – I’ve not actually started training yet,” he said.

“I’ve been doing my own little bit in the gym, which is keeping me ticking along nicely and I’m waiting for the surgeon to give me the go-ahead to join in training.

“I don’t have a timescale for when I will be back playing really. Hopefully it is not going to be too far away in the distant future. I just need to be patient. After all I’ve gone through I think it’s important that I’m patient.

“If it means a few extra weeks to get myself right, then so be it.”

It really will be great to see Fletcher back in action but like he says, taking a few more weeks to make sure he is 100% ready is essential. Last year, Vidic rushed back from his injury and it forced him to spend even more time on the sidelines, so Fletcher will want to make sure he doesn’t do the same.

As cliche as it may be, Fletcher’s return will be like a new signing. He won’t ever be the terrier like player we grew to love but he represents a great alternative to Carrick that would add some much needed depth to United’s midfield.

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