PICTURE: Wayne Rooney shows where his loyalties lie

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney has remained silent all summer about his Manchester United future. The only insight we have got is that he is angry and confused.

Yet, a day after Roy Hodgson called up Rooney to the England squad despite him having a shoulder injury (…) soon after his hamstring injury (…), Rooney releases a public statement on his official Facebook page expressing his delight at Hodgson for selecting him and showing his faith and support.

rooney-facebook-messageIt almost sounds like Rooney is having a swipe at not being picked for United. Obviously it is in his and Paul Stretford’s interests to maintain a good relationship with England fans but as for United fans? That doesn’t really matter. It is clear where Rooney’s loyalties lie – he is happy to let speculation with United bubble over but immediately makes sure his relationship with England is maintained.

I’ve become a bit disillusioned with Rooney and his actions. Part of me still wants him to stay but the other half wants him to leave so that Kagawa can flourish in the #10 role.


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