Neville: It wouldn’t surprise me if United signed nobody

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United have so far not made any major signings in this transfer window and Gary Neville won’t be surprised if we didn’t make any signings at all.

The 20-year-old right back Guillermo Varela has been the only addition so far by David Moyes and with three weeks left in the window, time is short if United are to bring players in but Neville is a strong believer that the club will not spend money desperately if they can’t get who they want.

Speaking at a Sky Sports press launch for the 2013/14 season, Neville said: “David Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson were inseparable, a great partnership.

“To have both change at once is a big upheaval at the club obviously, but you’ve got to remember Ed Woodward has been there for a number of years himself, so it’s not like he’s been parachuted in.

“David Moyes obviously doesn’t know the club but he has gone through the system and the process the right way so you think it’s the next step for him to be able to get there.

“It’s not been a club that’s ever worked in the immediate, it’s always worked on a plan, the fact that they’ll look at things objectively. It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t sign anybody. They won’t spend money in a desperate manner.”

There has certainly been upheaval. If either Gill or Ferguson had left separately, it would have been a tough task to replace them but having both leave at the same time has understandably disrupted United’s activities in the market.

Moyes has always remained insistent that United would buy this summer. He may have hinted that he would be happy to start the season with this squad but throughout the pre-season he has reiterated that he wants to bring players in, so I would be very surprised if at the end of the window we haven’t brought anyone in.

United have traditionally done their business early and Neville believes that those who have already wrapped up their business have got themselves an advantage over the other teams.

He continued: “I think Bayern Munich buying [Mario] Gotze, they were the clever ones. I think you’ve almost got to buy next season’s players today.

“I think there’s a few clubs are the top of the league who are now getting to the point whereby you hope, or you think they’re going to do something really desperate and not get the players they want for the money and they actually spend that money on a second great player. That’s what I think may happen in this next few weeks.”

United won’t be desperate in the market. They won’t buy a player simply for the sake of it. If Moyes can’t get who he wants, then Neville may be right in that United won’t buy anyone this summer but with a move for Fellaini still looking likely, I expect there to be movement in the next three weeks.

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