PICTURE: Manchester United fan has some fun in the City dressing room

by Sam Peoples

Getting a ticket to Manchester United away against City at the Etihad is gold-dust for any United fan. It is one of the hardest away days to get a ticket for given the rivalry between the two clubs now.

But one fan United enjoyed a special trip to the Etihad when his friend managed to sneak him into the City dressing room for a couple of snaps. It’s all a harmless bit of fun but fair play to him for doing it.

Looks like you walked into a full stadium judging by how many seats are filled, how did you get away with it?

A friend of mine works at the Etihad Stadium and after a lot of pestering, he agreed to help me out. He is actually a blue as well! I couldn’t resist taking pictures in the dressing room.

Were you wearing the United shirt the whole time or is that what the hi-vis jacket was for?

No. I would of never got in with the United top on so I had to wear the hi-vis jacket over the top to get in incognito.

Did you think you were going to get found out at any time?

Not really. I was only nervous when I was in the changing room because anyone could of walked in on us but luckily, nobody did. To be honest though, I wouldn’t of really minded if I did get found out because all they would of done was throw me out!

Fair play, John. You should of left a Robin van Persie shirt hanging in one of the cubby holes!

Haha, now that would of really been something! You never know, if I get another chance it might just happen.



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