Schmeichel: Rooney told me he never handed in a transfer request

by Sam Peoples

Peter Schmeichel has revealed that Wayne Rooney told him he never handed in an official transfer request to Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson came out after his last home game against Swansea at Old Trafford and said that the 27-year-old had handed in his second transfer request in three years but it seems that may not have been the case.

Speaking to The Sunhe said: “I know Sir Alex Ferguson came out and said Wayne asked for a transfer, but I have spoken to Wayne and he said he never did.

“He hasn’t said he wants to go to Chelsea, Arsenal or anywhere else. I hope United play Wayne against Chelsea on Monday. That will put everything to bed.

“David Moyes has said many times that Wayne is not going anywhere — but when he says that, no one listens.

“If you stick him up front you will get 25 or 30 goals. If you play him in midfield you will get someone as close as you can get to replace Paul Scholes.

“I think he wants to play up front and score goals, but he will do anything asked of him.”

There had been question marks all summer over whether Rooney ever did hand in a transfer request or if it was Ferguson dealing his last hand to Rooney at the end of a relationship that had soured over time.

It doesn’t surprise me that Rooney didn’t hand in a transfer request and it gives a completely new dimension to his current situation at Old Trafford. While I am not entirely sympathetic with Rooney’s situation as a whole, you can understand why he would be angry and confused if he never handed in a transfer request in the first place.

But if he didn’t, why did he not come out publicly and deny handing one in? Instead, he has let the speculation bubble over so he has used the transfer request to orchestrate a move away from Old Trafford whether he handed one in or not.

And speaking to talkSPORTSchmeichel believes that selling Rooney to Chelsea would be an extremely foolish thing to do.

Wayne Rooney is one of the best players in the world. Manchester United are one of the biggest clubs in the world,” he said.

“Why on earth would we sell one of the best players in the world?

“No money is big enough to give him to Chelsea or to Arsenal. Why would you strengthen your opponents?

“Winning the championship this year is probably the most important thing for a long time for Man United. There’s no Alex Ferguson anymore so we have to prove we are still competitive and we can still win championships.

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