PICTURE: Liverpool’s official Twitter account endorses Munich Air Disaster mockery

by Sam Peoples

Just in case extra tension was needed ahead of Manchester United’s visit to Anfield this Sunday, Liverpool’s official Twitter account has openly endorsed a public mockery of the Munich Air Disaster tonight.

The Twitter account responded to @JoshMitchy_‘s submission for a three song playlist that was to be played out at Anfield before kick-off on Sunday, insinuating that Liverpool endorsed the song choices despite their clear links to mockery of the Munich Air Disaster.

There were no other direct response on Twitter other than back at @JoshMitchy_‘s submission and it was obvious to anyone what connotations were meant with the three songs chosen. Given the tension between the clubs, it was a stupid thing for Liverpool to do.

livmunichLiverpool’s Twitter account should take a little more care in who they retweet onto their official page. I’m sure Liverpool fans are going to come on here and argue that the song choice has nothing to do with the Munich disaster but it didn’t take much digging around to find a little more evidence about @JoshMitchy_‘s intentions with his song submission.

Yesterday, he tweeted a picture of the Munich crash with the caption “Ole Ole Ole”, a status which he has since deleted (original status link here). Scum. For Liverpool to give such a mockery public attention ahead of an already volatile fixture on Sunday is not going to help anything.

Update – Liverpool have since deleted their reply on Twitter. Here is a screenshot of it.


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