VIDEO: Proof that Marouane Fellaini can compete with Real Madrid

by Sam Peoples

Marouane Fellaini‘s arrival at Manchester United has been seen by some as simply the addition of a midfield brute but for a big man, he is quite adept when he has the ball at his feet too.

United don’t simply need an enforcer in the middle. They need somebody who is equally as comfortable breaking up the play of the opposition as they are creating the attacks for United, and Fellaini has showcased he can do that even against the best teams in Europe.

Take this pre-season goal against Real Madrid from a month ago for example. Fellaini’s forward burst followed by intelligent and accurate passes are the characteristics of the exact sort of midfielder that United need – someone who is not afraid to bring the ball forward and able enough to add to the attack when they reach the edge of the box.

For someone who is 6″4 and renowned for his bullish approach, he certainly has other characteristics to his game that could make him the perfect midfielder for David Moyes’ side.


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