Ashley Young risks facing the wrath of Manchester United fans

by Sam Peoples

Ashley Young has followed in the footsteps of Manchester United by officially opening an account and joining  Twitter.

Within only a few hours of signing up yesterday, Young racked up over 50,000 followers but by coming on to Twitter, he has put himself right in the firing line for a torrent of abuse from some United fans.

Rio Ferdinand is a Twitter stalwart and made sure Young knew what he was letting himself in for by entering the social media universe.

Almost immediately there were fans who, instead of welcoming Young to Twitter, were lambasting his whole United career and labelled him as a waste of space. The only thing that is a waste of space is the abuse itself.

Young is a United player. Calling him shit on Twitter isn’t going to change that. The only thing it can possibly do is negatively effect a player who will play for United this season – what good is ever going to come out of that?

Darron Gibson reportedly quit Twitter just a few hours after signing up and although Young won’t do the same given that he knew what he was signing up for, abuse can effect a player on and off the pitch.

United fans should stand behind anyone who wears the shirt. Rooney, Young, Kagawa – anyone. So long as they are a United player, they need the support of fans. Nobody should be looking at driving any player out of the club.

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