Januzaj rejecting international glory won’t hinder his United career

by Sam Peoples

Adnan Januzaj is likely to reject the opportunity to play World Cup football for Belgium in order to represent Albania according to Mark Ogden from The Telegraph.

The Peoples Person yesterday covered the adoration that Januzaj is already receiving in Albania. As well the public it is his friends and family, particularly his father who takes control of everything off the pitch for Januzaj, who are also trying to persuade him that Albania is the right choice for him.

There’s no doubting that the 18-year-old would have a fantastic international career with Belgium. He’s set for big things and to do it on the grandest scene at a World Cup in a highly rated Belgian squad would be great for him but there have been plenty of legends who have shown that having a successful international career isn’t wholly necessary.

At United there are two shining examples of that – George Best and Ryan Giggs. In his pomp, Best was the most revered footballer in the world and despite trying his utmost to get Northern Ireland to the World Cup finals, he never succeeded. Yet, he is still regarded as one of the finest footballers to have ever graced a pitch.

Ryan Giggs is of a similar ilk. Despite making nearly 70 appearances for Wales, he never took part in a major international tournament yet he is arguably the greatest Premier League in history when you look at the longevity of his career.

Then you can look at the examples of players like Paul Scholes and Eric Cantona who also built their careers on their club success rather than international.

All these players had fantastic careers with United but didn’t flourish on the international scene. While it would be a shame for Januzaj to not make his mark in international tournaments, it wouldn’t hinder his chances of being successful at United.

Januzaj rejecting the opportunity to play in possibly the greatest Belgium side would be a real show of his loyalty to Albania and that trait is something that characterises so many United players over the years.

Every generation has great players who will never play in major international tournaments and Januzaj could be one of the current crop who never plies his trade on the World Cup stage, but it wouldn’t stop him from creating his own legacy at Old Trafford.

Image: Twitter/ManUtd

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