David Moyes explains why he thinks United won’t win the Champions League

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has written off Manchester United’s chances of winning the UEFA Champions League this year by claiming that the squad isn’t strong enough to compete in Europe.

Since winning the competition and reaching two other finals in four years between 2008-2011, United have failed to get further than the round of 16 and Moyes does not believe that will change this year.

“To win the Champions League you have to have five or six world-class players,” Moyes said.

“If you look at Bayern Munich, they have five or six really ­world-class players, and to win it you might have to have that in your squad.

“Look at Barcelona, who had it in the past, and Real Madrid have maybe got it now.

“That’s the level you have to get at to win it. We’ve not got that yet. What we have got is experience and several players who are in that category or close to it.”

There may be some truth in Moyes’ words but United fans will be extremely surprised to hear his candid views about our chances in Europe and the timing is very strange.

United have a tough away trip to Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine on Wednesday where an immediate response is needed following today’s 2-1 loss to West Brom. It is not the time when United’s manager should be questioning the integrity of the team.

We are all very aware that the likes of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona have a stronger starting XI than United but the last person you expect to hear publicly discounting our chances is Moyes.

Image: Twitter/ManUnitedReport

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