Fergie reaffirms Rooney transfer request and reveals he turned down Chelsea job

by Sam Peoples

Sir Alex Ferguson has reaffirmed that Wayne Rooney handed in a transfer request at the end of last season in his first extended interview after retiring as Manchester United manager, but once again praised his return to his goalscoring best.

There has still been no official confirmation from Rooney or United that a transfer request was ever handed in but Ferguson repeated his stance that Rooney did hand in a request.

It’s strange that Ferguson keeps repeating that Rooney handed in a request because it could unsettle the 27-year-old again.

The 71-year-old also revealed he turned down the Chelsea job after being approached by Roman Abramovich back in 2003.

“They used an agent to approach me when Abramovich first took over the club and I said: ‘No chance,'” Ferguson said.

Speaking candidly, Ferguson also rejected any ideas that he could return as United manager in the future and has given his full backing to David Moyes once again.

He said: “I’m not interested in managing again or getting myself worked up about Manchester United’s results. United are in good hands with David Moyes. He will be fine. He’s a good manager.

“You would be throwing your money down the drain if you put any money on me coming back as a manager.

“I made my decision. The timing was perfect. There is no way back for me now. I’ve got a new life. I want to go the Kentucky Derby and the US Masters, the Melbourne Cup. I want to visit vineyards in Tuscany and France.”

Ferguson’s firm rejection that he will ever return rules out a repeat of when Wilf McGuinness was replaced by the retired Sir Matt Busby after a poor start to his tenure as United manager.

With his book out in October, Ferguson is expected to reveal his inner thoughts on nearly three decades as United manager.

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