Wayne Rooney hails Adnan Januzaj and asks him to make the right decision

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney has praised Adnan Januzaj for his performance against Sunderland on Saturday and hopes that he can be persuaded to play for England.

The 18-year-old took the pressures of making his Premier League debut in his stride and looked every bit as calm, collected and composed as any other United player on the pitch, something you don’t usually see a youngster do on his first taste of the big occasion.

But Rooney isn’t surprised to see how well Janzuaj played as he knew he had the ability after seeing him rise through the academy.

“He’s a great prospect,” Rooney said. “He takes the ball, he runs at players and he’s got great ability. I think it’s great the manager has thrown him into the side, especially with what has happened in the last few games. There was big pressure on us, but the manager has trusted him and he has repaid that.

“It is [brave to play him in the Premier League], we’re delighted it’s paid off. We know the ability he has got, but you never know how they are going to react when they are thrown into games. There is a lot of pressure, but he seems to thrive on it.

“He’s not shy. He’s very confident, I think that’s great to see. A lot of the young players who come through are a little bit timid and shy, but he looks comfortable and he’s confident in his own ability, which you need to be.”

Rooney also admitted he hoped that Januzaj could possibly play for England in the future as he will gain English residency in 2018.

“He’s been here since he was 16, but I’m not sure of the rules,” he added.

“I’m sure the FA will be doing everything they need to do to get him to play for England. It’s not down to me, but hopefully, I don’t know.”

It is extremely unlikely that Januzaj would play for England even if he was eligible this year because his father is keen on him holding down a regular first team spot in whichever national team he joins, something Roy Hodgson wouldn’t be able to give him.

But David Moyes has shown Januzaj that first team football is there for him at Old Trafford so United fans all hope he will sign a long term deal soon.

Image: Twitter/unitedarmy_SMG

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