David Moyes takes first major risk as Manchester United manager

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes understandably adopted a pragmatic approach to the start of his Manchester United career given how tough the fixture list was but against Sunderland, he took a major risk and reaped the rewards for his bravery.

Make no qualms about it, Sunderland was a big game for both United and Moyes. If United lost, it would have been the first time we lost three games in a row in the league since 2011 and left us on seven points after seven games. So, for Moyes to give Adnan Januzaj his full debut was an extremely brave move.

His cameo appearances had certainly earned him some stripes but starting a game is a different matter entirely, especially one so important. Januzaj didn’t disappoint. In that regard, Moyes has to be given a lot of credit.

United could have easily fallen into a really damning position ahead of a two week international break but instead of playing it safe, Moyes took a punt on Januzaj.

It was a calculated risk given how well Januzaj had done when he came off the bench before but there was no guarantee he was going to cope with the added pressures of a starting spot. If Januzaj had a poor game Moyes would have been blamed for giving a youngster his full debut when points were necessary, but that threat of failure was outweighed by the possibility of something great happening and it did.

That kind of trust will give Januzaj such a psychological boost in his confidence that should hopefully lead to him signing a contract and Moyes has handled his situation excellently.

United have a long standing tradition of playing our young players, sometimes to raised eyebrows, and Moyes played his card with trump card Januzaj this weekend.

There is nothing more exciting than watching the rise of a youngster who has worked his way through the academy and in Januzaj, Moyes’ first major risk as United manager has paid instant dividends for both the player and United.

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