Ferguson reveals Vidic wanted to leave United to fight in Serbian war

by Sam Peoples

Every Manchester United fan knew that Nemanja Vidic was a warrior but not quite to the extent that he would actually go to war.

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that Vidic told him he was going to leave United to fight in a war back in 2009.

An extract from Ferguson’s book read: “Vidic was a dour, uncompromising sod. He was a proud Serb. In 2009, he came to see me to say he might be getting called up.

“What do you mean, called up?’ I said, alarmed. ‘Kosovo. I am going,’ he said. ‘It’s my duty.'”

The 32-year-old was willing to give up the life of a professional footballer in order to protect his home country. What a man.

Nemanja woahhh, Nemanja woahhh, he come from Serbia, he’ll fuckin murder ya…….no, seriously. 

Quotes provided by Miguel Delaney.

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