PICTURE: Old Trafford transformation under way for singing section at Real Sociedad game

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United have begun preparations for the trial of a new singing section at Old Trafford that that will see 1,500 fans relocated to the traditional away end in a bid to improve the atmosphere.

The away end was chosen because of better acoustics and there will be a swathe of flags and banners to help complete the section. It has been organised by Reclaim United and has the full backing of the club.

Tomorrow promises to be one of the best atmospheres in Old Trafford in a long time. 1,500 United fans in the away will sing their hearts out and there are going to be 6,000 Real Sociedad fans in Old Trafford too.

Something has to be done to try and improve the atmosphere and if the singing section has a successful trial tomorrow, there is the possibility of increasing the number from 1,500.

Image: Twitter/ManUtd

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