United would have signed star like Ronaldo if Ferguson was still in charge claims Phelan

by Sam Peoples

Mike Phelan has told a Scandinavian United supporters’ club magazine that if Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill had still been in charge at Old Trafford, there would have been a ‘star signing this summer’.

And although he didn’t name Cristiano Ronaldo as that player, it is fairly obvious who Phelan was talking about with his choice of words.

“If Sir Alex and David Gill had still been the bosses, I won’t name the player, but there would have been a star signing, one of the absolute best players in the world,” he said.

“It was something the boss talked about, and the owners and David Gill were also quite clear on doing it.

“There’s very few of such players out there. I think it’s clear to everybody who I’m talking about.

“We didn’t see the need for a big clear-out of the squad, that’s why Sir Alex and I had the one big signing in sight. One such star signing gives everybody a lift, we saw that with Robin van Persie.”

Although it is great news that we were going to bring in another marquee signing, I don’t see why Phelan is talking about it now. The only thing his words are going to do is undermine the work that David Moyes and Ed Woodward have done so far and place real pressure on the club to deliver said marquee signing next summer.

Although hypothetically, if Moyes does deliver Ronaldo next summer, the woes of this year would be forgotten like a wispy memory.

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