Ed Woodward says Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Ed Woodward has said that Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Manchester United and that an increase in revenue would be able to fund such a move.

United posted a record revenue of £360 million this year and that is likely to rise to a whopping £420 million next year as our position as a global marketing powerhouse continues.

Last week, Mike Phelan hinted that United would have re-signed Ronaldo had Ferguson stayed in charge and when asked if United would go back in for Ronaldo in his first interview since the summer with United We Stand, he said:

“Who knows?

“As the revenue is growing so much faster than anything else it does allow us to be able to spend a lot more on players. If you look at our revenue two years ago it was £320-odd million, the year just finished was £360m and this year we are saying £420-430m.

“That revenue, certainly the growth, is allowing us to invest. If ever there are top players available, we have the ability to invest.”

“We all miss him [Ronaldo] as a player. He was just phenomenal. They are the sort of things you tell your grandchildren about, watching him… That guy was a genius, a top player.

“Who knows? I do think that we as a club should be aspiring and having the best players.”

Woodward’s comments will certainly fill the fans with excitement but given how poorly we did in this summer window, they sound rather hollow.

Before the transfer window this year, United had over £90 million in cash at the bank before the summer transfer window this year but decided to miss out on Ander Herrera over £6 million. The money has always been there but so has a reluctance to spend it.

This week, Ronaldo admitted he was only ever going to sign for United and posted a photo of himself in a United shirt on Instagram so he has still got United on his mind. United will always have a firm place in his heart and fans would love to see him return but there has to be a willingness from the board to make it happen.

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