United midfielder starlet who left this summer wins award as stature continues to grow

by Tracey Germaine

Mats Møller Dæhli has been awarded Statoil’s Talent Prize for the month of October awarded to a football ‘talent’ as judged by a jury appointed by the Norwegian Football Association.

Every month, for the duration of the season, a boy or girl between the ages of 15 to 21 is selected as the ‘Football Talent of the Month’. Throughout the season seven ‘talents’ will be selected and at the end of the season one of them will be named ‘Young Player of the Year’.

Each winner gets 50,000 Norwegian Krone (roughly £5,275) which is donated to the club which the player believes has had the most impact on his/her development.

The jury praised the impact Dæhli has had since his transfer in the summer.

“Mats has established himself in Molde after the transition from Manchester United and contributed to their very good Autumn,” they said.

“He has very good skills with the ball, keeping the ball safe and is very creative. He made his debut for the Under-21 National Team in October where he played a good match against Israel. ”

Dæhli chose to give the prize to Lyn, the club he joined when he was seven, where he stayed for eight years and said that it was the natural choice to give the money to Lyn.

“I think I’ve been pretty extreme from an early age,” he said.

“I love football and I love playing football as much as possible. In this sense, one can call me a football nerd. I’ve always just gone around with the ball. If I were in the store, school or anywhere else I had with me the ball. It is something that has been with me all my life.”

He also spoke of leaving United in the summer and reiterated that he made the decision for the good of his own development.

When asked by the interview whether he felt that it was a dream that had ended, he replied: “I thought maybe I should think more about it than I did, but I just think it has been fantastic to get to Molde.”

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