PICTURE: Ferguson shows how connected he remains as a Manchester United fan

by Sam Peoples

Sir Alex Ferguson travelled up and down the country to a book signing, special events and press conferences in the weeks surrounding the release of his autobiography but in true Fergie fashion, he took the time out to stay connected with Manchester United.

Co-author Steve Hobin of Sons of Unitedwhich takes an unprecedented look at the history of United’s youth system, went along to Fergie’s book signing to hand him a copy of the book.

“I’ll read it when I get some time,” Ferguson said after being given the book – that’s exactly what he did and he sent a letter back to Steve thanking him for the book and pointed towards some memories that it evoked.

He said: “Probably my more enjoyable times at United was the barometer of our Youth teams, it was able to let me know that the stream of players coming through was still healthy.

“I will get round to reading the rest of the book with great interest as it encapsulates the history of United and its real spirit.

“Have you not spoken to anyone at United about your book, I think they should be interested. If you don’t mind I’ll give your details to our Museum people and commercial to see if there is an interest.”

It’s such a genuine gesture from Ferguson to do this in much the same fashion as David Moyes did when he received a copy. There are more similarities between the pair than meets the eye.

After the amount of time that Tony and Steve put into this book, coverage like this is the least it deserves and it must be very satisfying to know that the man who was at the helm of our academy for nearly three decades has relived those times through their book. Brilliant effort.

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