Desperation levels hit new lows to give Liverpool one up on United

by Sam Peoples

The Daily Mail throws up some whoppers on an almost daily basis but they might well have beaten their own dizzy heights this time 

According to the Daily MailLiverpool have something to chirp about – they are still the Kings of England, albeit in coalition with their best pals Everton.

With the Merseyside derby this weekend, articles about Liverpool and Everton are two to a penny but the purpose of this particular one is given away with the opening line:

“Sir Alex Ferguson might have knocked Liverpool off their perch, but the wider population of Merseyside still has something to chirp about.”

The first three words about an article looking at the history of Liverpool and Everton are ‘Sir Alex Ferguson’?

Adding Everton and Liverpool’s titles together (records written in 1990 are still correct in 2013) to create a Merseyside FC with 27 titles to trump Manchester’s 23 in a convoluted way to try and grab some faux silverware?

Manchester United have got 20 titles. City have got three. Don’t try to drag down our success with City’s failures whilst perking yours up with your cosy neighbours.s

Even in his retirement, Ferguson is the first thought on the Scousers mind ahead of the derby. They must really have hit their head hard when they fell off the perch.

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