PICTURE: Ashley Young deserves plaudits after kind gesture to Manchester United fan

by Sam Peoples

Ashley Young has been on the end of a fair share of stick so far in his Manchester United career but his kind gesture on Twitter tonight deserves to be highlighted.

He responded to a plea for anybody to get in touch to help a dying United fan fulfil his wish of being able to watch a game in a box at Old Trafford with his family.

Young wasn’t directly asked by anybody so it must have cropped up onto his timeline somehow which makes it even better that he responded off his own back. It is a fantastic gesture of him to offer up his box so willingly.

The 28-year-old’s season has been far from smooth sailing after some poor performances and theatrical tumbling got him in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. As a consequence, his relationship with the fans has waned somewhat but gestures like this are precisely what will help him repair that. Interacting with and helping fans isn’t something that footballers do too often these days which makes the gesture by Young even better to see.

Image: Twitter/JesusNavasINA

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