Rafael seriously considered England switch but Januzaj situation stopped him

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s Rafael seriously considered switching his allegiances to England this year before the Adnan Januzaj debacle completely put him off the idea, according to The Times.

Rafael represented Brazil in the London 2012 Olympics and has also played in friendlies but he hasn’t made a senior appearance which means that he could have chosen to play for England as he is eligible under the five year residency rule.

It would have been great for England. Glen Johnson is a terrible defender and Kyle Walker hasn’t followed on from his progress in 2012, if anything he has gone backwards. England have never replaced Gary Neville and Rafael would have been fantastic but thanks to the public xenophobia by some towards Januzaj’s hypothetical switch of allegiances, Rafael has dropped the idea.

If a player has played in a country long enough and is willing to dedicate his international career to them, why is it not seen as a good thing? Let’s get one thing straight. Januzaj has never mentioned or entertained the idea of choosing England, it was something created by the British press, so for that to block what would have been a genuine switch by Rafael is ridiculous.

Image: Twitter/munitedes

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