Rafael comes last in Samba de Ouro award nominations with just 0.10% of vote

by Sam Peoples

Rafael came bottom in the short-list nominations for this year’s Samba Gold award given to the best Brazilian playing in European football.

Nearly 100,000 users voted alongside eleven European and Brazilian journalists for the award but Rafael only received 0.10% of the total vote, while Thiago Silva won the award for the third consecutive year with 24.19%.

The 23-year-old was never going to win the award but the fact he came last with such a minimal amount of votes is an indication that the Brazilian public and journalists are yet to forgive him for a mistake he made in the 2012 London Olympics final, which is ridiculous given how much he has progressed since then.

Rafael is stuck behind Dani Alves for the Brazilian national side but if he keeps on playing as well as he has in the last 18 months, it is only a matter of time before he is given another opportunity to stake his claim on the right-back spot.

Image: Twitter/Munitedes

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