PICTURE: Has Chris Smalling committed career suicide with fancy dress outfit?

by Sam Peoples

Just when you think the press can’t come up with anything else to say about Manchester United, Chris Smalling goes and drops this bombshell.

What the newspaper failed to pick up on a minor detail in that Smalling has two bottles of Jagermeister on his shoulders and cans of Red Bull on his belt – he is dressed up as a Jagerbomber, not a suicide bomber.

It doesn’t take away from the fact that it was a stupid idea in the first place to dress up as a Jagerbomber, however innocent the gesture was. Smalling should have thought about the repercussions of what would have happened if the photo was released. As a United player earning thousands a week, there is a certain responsibility attached.

smalling-paperSmalling has since issued a statement through his management company accepting that the outfit was ‘ill advised’ and that ‘no harm was intended’.

Naturally, The Sun has used it as front page news given that a United defender in a fancy dress outfit is a topic of national interest. It seems like everything is coming down on top of us right now.

It would be interesting to know when this photograph was actually taken because you can bet your bottom dollar that The Sun sat and waited for the perfect time to release it.

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