VIDEO: If Januzaj was booked for diving, where’s the consistency?

by Sam Peoples

Diving has been a major talking point in English football this season and against Manchester United last night, Adam Johnson did his part to fuel the fire.

He went down in the box under minimal (if any) contact from Tom Cleverley and earned a penalty which Fabio Borini duly converted. Moyes was understandably furious at the decision to give a penalty, especially because it was the assistant referee who flagged for it even though his view was blocked.

Against Tottenham last week, Januzaj was booked for a similar situation but in that scenario, there was plenty more contact than what Johnson went down under. Yet, instead of a yellow card being handed to Johnson he won a penalty in his favour that turned out to be the winning goal.

Unsurprisingly, there has been nothing made of it in the media. Sky’s commentators failed to even mention the word dive while no newspaper ran with it as part of their coverage. Ridiculous. You can be sure that if that was Januzaj who won the penalty that it would be plastered everywhere.

There needs to be some sort of consistency in these decisions, otherwise it is going to be impossible to control.

Image: Twitter/utdindonesia

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