VIDEO: Sir Bobby Charlton’s pure disbelief sums up the mood right now

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United slumped to their third defeat in a row last night against Sunderland but in all honesty, it wasn’t a surprise to see us lose given how poorly we have played recently.

However, it was still a big disappointment and Sir Bobby Charlton’s reaction after the final whistle told the whole story – shocked and in disbelief.

It wasn’t the loss that Sir Bobby was shaking his head at because losses happen, it is part of football – what would have left him scratching his head was the manner of the defeat.

Toothless. Gormless. Limp. Spineless. Characterless. Whatever adjective you want to use to describe it, United didn’t look like they gave a damn they were losing 2-1 to the Premier League’s bottom side in a cup semi-final. Where was the urgency? It wasn’t there.

There is nothing wrong with a team losing if they can walk down the tunnel at the end of the match safe in the knowledge they couldn’t have done any more to try and turn it around. United didn’t do that. United used to do that. United need to do that again.

Image: Twitter/BR_UK

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