PICTURE: Mata’s good friend and hairdresser congratulates him on joining Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

There is no public confirmation that Juan Mata has completed a move from Chelsea to Manchester United yet but it hasn’t stopped his good friend and hairdresser Leo Bancroft from congratulating him on the move.

Bancroft uploaded a picture with Mata to his Instagram with the message:

“My good friend Juan Mata joined Manchester Utd today. I am very happy for him. #football #topman”

If there is one person who knows all the inside gossip, it is surely a footballer’s hairdresser. Talking is half of their profession after all.

United fans have been left biting their nails over the delays with the deal but at this stage, there is absolutely nothing to suggest a deal won’t be officially completed in time for Mata to make his first team debut against Cardiff City on Tuesday.

When Chelsea finalise Mohamed Salah’s transfer, everything to do with Mata should happen very quickly as the important parts of both teams agreeing a fee and Mata agreeing a move have alreaedy been completed.

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