German legend insists Toni Kroos is replaceable and Bayern could sell him to make an example

by Sam Peoples

German legend Gunter Netzer has insisted that Toni Kroos is not irreplaceable for Bayern Munich and warned him that the club could choose to make an example of him to maintain control and power.

The 24-year-old’s negotiations with Bayern have stalled over a new contract because of wages and it is reported that Kroos wants to increase his wages from £60,000 to £150,000, something which may force Bayern to sell.

“Kroos is playing a risky game at Bayern,” he said in his column for Bild according to Goal.

“The club is determined not to pay huge wages to all their players in order to stay financially healthy.

“We could see this become a situation where Kroos forces Bayern to set an example. He might be overrating himself a bit in a way that his wage demands do not reflect his worth to the team.

“He’d act wisely to have a good look at the squad and re-think his own situation.

“I would advise Toni Kroos not to overplay his hand. He could enjoy a lot of success at Bayern. It’s not easy to leave a big club like Bayern.  There are a few players that cannot be replaced, but Kroos is not one of them.”

Bayern are a highly successful financial model for any football club and they won’t want to let Kroos completely get his demands as it may set a dangerous precedent at the club that other players could choose to follow, something which could cause Bayern all sorts of problems.

Players demanding improved contracts was inevitable at Munich this year. After winning the treble last season, there were always going to be some who felt their value to the club had increased and Kroos is one such player.

Money is everything in football and it is the reason why there is life in the legs of a potential move for Kroos to Old Trafford as we would be willing to pay those sorts of wages for a world class player like Kroos.

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