PICTURE: Anderson denies saying lots of players want to leave Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Anderson has taken to Instagram to staunchly deny that he said a lot of Manchester United players wanted to leave the club and insisted the quotes were nothing but a fabrication.

It was the Manchester Evening News who originally ran with the story yesterday morning but there is now a real question over whether the quotes were ever valid in the first place, something Anderson has completely denied.

In response to the quotes flying around, Anderson said: “I’m shocked and surprised with a supposed interview that never existed. I never gave any interview, much less to say bad things about a club where I grow up and that gave me so much. Shame on you!!!!!!

“I’m like fan club love the club. Goodnight Manchester.”

Looks like this could have been a serious case of the media spinning something that has become lost in translation. We’ll look into it to find out what he really said by digging out the original video.

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