PICTURE: Anderson is enjoying more success than Manchester United right now

by Sam Peoples

Anderson has been a Fiorentina player for less than a month but he’s only one match away from winning some silverware after a 2-0 win over Udinese took them through to the Coppa Italia final.

He was an unused substitute in the match but while Manchester United are going through their toughest period in over 20 years as a club, Anderson is having a great old-time in Italy.

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He took to Instagram to show his celebrations with his new Fiorentina team-mates after their victory over Udinese.

It worked out quite nicely for Anderson really.

He joined United in 2007, was with the club through one of its most successful periods of history and just as the going gets tough, he was able to leave and move to Italy.

There’s little to no chance that he will return to Old Trafford in the summer after his loan expires so it is unlikely we’ll see him in a United shirt once again.

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