Tom Cleverley deactivates Twitter after abuse from Manchester United fans

by Sam Peoples

Tom Cleverley has taken down his official Twitter account following abuse from a select set of Manchester United fans.

Earlier this week, Cleverley admitted he was hurt by the comments United fans made about him and it seems he has deactivated his Twitter as a direct consequence of it.

From a fans’ perspective, Cleverley doing that is the smartest decision he could have made. It means he can now simply concentrate on his football because there are far too many distractions when it comes to social media, especially for someone like Cleverley who has had far too much focus on his own brand – but the way it has come around isn’t right.

Earlier in the season, Ashley Young was the scapegoat and now Cleverley has taken his place. There is nothing wrong with being frustrated with a player and lambasting him but when it reaches the stage where it effects them mentally, how is that going to help them improve?

Cleverley should now put his head down and make sure his performances do the talking.

Image: Twitter/utdindonesia

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