PICTURES: Anderson is settling down in Italy and doesn’t look like returning

by Sam Peoples

Anderson has been in Italy with Fiorentina since January and has now settled into a new home in Florence.

The 25-year-old moved to Fiorentina on a temporary deal but despite that, Anderson has moved quickly to secure himself a new house over in Italy.

So far in his career with Fiorentina, Anderson has failed to have any real lasting impact but that is to be expected for a foreign player adapting to a new league altogether.

He has yet to complete a game for Fiorentina and hasn’t been able to last 60 minutes in any of his appearances.

As the season progresses, we will see whether he can turn into the player he had the potential to be at United.

Of course, if Anderson doesn’t impress enough during his loan spell then Fiorentina would probably not want to sign him on a permanent basis.

For both Anderson’s and United’s sake, hopefully he does earn that permanent deal.

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