Alves admits he didn’t know Manchester City existed until five years ago

by Sam Peoples

Dani Alves has stoked the fire ahead of Barcelona’s clash with Manchester City tonight by insisting he didn’t know that they even existed until five years ago.

Mind games are part in parcel of a football match these days and Alves will certainly have irked some City fans with his comments.

“I didn’t realise until about five years ago that Manchester had two teams,’ Alves told the Daily Mail.

“Of course Manchester United have been one of the most famous and successful clubs in Europe for many years – but I thought they were the only one.’

“When Manchester City got new owners and started buying some of the best players in Europe everybody knew who they were – but until then I must be honest I didn’t know about them.

“I think this is the reality of modern football. You don’t need ten or 20 years to establish yourself – if you have rich owners you can do it in two or three years. It doesn’t matter if I or anybody else agree with it – it is just the reality of today.”

To be fair, he can be forgiven because City’s last trophy before 2011 was back in 1976.

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