PICTURE: Why Manchester United getting a top four spot is almost impossible

by Sam Peoples

Even the staunchest of optimists has to concede that Manchester United’s chances of getting a top four spot this season are now nothing but a pipe dream.

With 12 games to go, United currently sit seventh in the Premier League and are 11 points off fourth placed Liverpool. Even with 36 points up for grabs, it doesn’t look good for United.

Here is an optimistic, very optimistic, breakdown of how the last 12 games could go for the top four and United. Even by being extremely generous to our results (no losses in the last 12 games), the gap simply looks too much to bridge.


The team most likely to crumble is Arsenal but they’re 14 points ahead of us right now and with City and Chelsea both looking very strong, as are Liverpool, United are up creek without a paddle.

It looks like United will have to deal without Champions League football next year, unless we win the competition this year of course.

Picture credit to @DanDawkins

Image: Twitter/premierleague

Do you think Manchester United still have a chance of finishing in the top four? 

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