PICTURE: Carrick’s wife lambasts Keane after post-match comments about the midfielder

by Sam Peoples

Lisa Carrick reacted angrily to Roy Keane’s comments about Michael Carrick‘s post match-interview and insisted that he ‘says anything to provoke a reaction’.

Here is what Keane had to say about Carrick’s post-match interview:


And here is what Lisa said in response to Keane’s comments:


Social media is a dangerous tool and this is yet another example of it because it puts unnecessary pressure on Carrick now. He was being trapped by questions in his interview and tried to dodge them as much as he could which goes some way to explain why it was flat, he didn’t want to blame anybody for it.

Plus, the fact of the matter is that Carrick should never have done the interview. Where was David Moyes or our captain Nemanja Vidic? Instead, Carrick was sent to do the television duties.

Lisa swiftly deleted her comments soon after and sent another tweet out to explain her reaction. Twitter is the last place that anybody in the public eye should be sending emotionally driven messages like this because of how quickly it spreads.

Image: Twitter/utdindonesian

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