Dutch coach calls Manchester United a ‘swamp’ that Van Persie must leave

by Sam Peoples

Raymond Verheijen has delivered his latest swipe at Manchester United by insisting that Robin van Persie has to get out of the ‘swamp’ that is United and that re-signing an ‘overweight’ Rooney is nothing more than a desperate move fuelled by corporate desires.

The Dutch coach has lambasted David Moyes all season, blamed him for Van Persie’s fitness troubles and now has a particular bone to pick with Wayne Rooney, who he feels has hindered Van Persie’s ability to drop back and dictate a game.

There’s certainly an element of truth in there that Rooney’s corporate value to United would have been important but up until his injury in January, Rooney was consistently influencing games. Verheijen is simply looking for anybody else to blame apart from Van Persie.

Calling United a ‘swamp’ because we’re having our first really troubled season in years is as reactionary as it gets but it’s what we’ve grown to expect from Verheijen. He should really go about getting a job so he has less time to obsess over the goings on at United.

Image: Twitter/picturesunited

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