Kroos latest – Bayern confirm contract imminent, want to show Kroos love

by Sam Peoples

Bayern Munich economic director Jan-Christian Dreesen has confirmed that a contract offer for Toni Kroos is imminent and insisted they would ‘love’ to show much Kroos is appreciated in Bavaria.

All week, Bayern’s officials have been talking to the press about Kroos. Karl-Heinze Rummenigge said Bayern would not cave to Kroos‘ wage demands while Kroos himself admitted to contract delays.

Dreesen insisted Bayern were a ‘serious club which is to be reckoned with’, something more akin to what a schoolboy would say while clenching his fists at the bully, and confirmed negotiations were about to continue.

“We are ready to talk about an extension with Toni Kroos and I hope it will all end happily,” he said.

“There will soon be something concrete on the table.

“We’d love to show how much we appreciate Toni.

“We are a serious club, which is to be reckoned with.”

Whether or not Bayern’s offer is enough to satisfy Kroos’ desire for parity within the club remains to be seen but as expected, Bayern are moving swiftly on the issue in order to try and resolve Kroos’ situation as soon as possible.

Image: Twitter/fotofutbolero

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