VIDEO: Shinji Kagawa shows off his skills for Japanese television

by Sam Peoples

Shinji Kagawa might not be getting much action for Manchester United this season but it hasn’t affected his status as a global icon in Japan.

The 25-year-old has been in plenty of advertisements this year from talking to animals in a bank advert to Adidas commercials. Kagawa’s face is used to endorse a host of companies around the world and now, he has become the face of Japanese brewery house Kirin by taking on some samurai at football while wearing a suit (of course).

Kagawa was the talk of the town yesterday after a video emerged of his performance against Olympiacos that showed how Manchester United’s style of play didnt’ allow Kagawa to flourish. We all knew it anyway but seeing it in a video made the problem seem more apparent.

David Moyes’ decision to give Kagawa little to no game time doesn’t make his future at Old Trafford look good and in reality, there is a high chance he may be forced to leave in the summer if he wants guarantees of playing regular first team football again.

Image: Youtube

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