Manchester United will complete summer signings that will make us title favourites according to Denis Irwin

by Sam Peoples

Denis Irwin is confident that Manchester United are going to make signings this summer that can make us favourites for the Premier League title next year.

Given how strong the Premier League has been in 2013/14, Irwin’s statement is very bold but there is a growing sense that this summer is going to be one of the most active and critical transfer windows in United’s recent history.

Our shortfalls in the transfer market from the past few years left gaping holes in the squad that Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure exposed but Irwin, whether by his own conclusions or from inside chatter at Old Trafford, believes it is a problem that will be remedied in the summer.

“Manchester United will make signings in the summer that could make us favourites for the Premier League title,” he said.

Although Ed Woodward was unable to seal the deal, Irwin was right about Cesc Fabregas being Manchester United‘s top target in the summer and hopefully his confidence about the upcoming transfer window isn’t misplaced.

With a desperate need for central midfielders as well as a host of other changes that could include the arrival of a new centre back and at least one winger, United’s squad next year could be drastically different and if Irwin is right, far stronger too.

Image: MUTV

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