Kroos remains coy over Manchester United interest but confirms disagreement with Bayern Munich over contract terms

by Sam Peoples

Bayern Munich’s Toni Kroos has once again confirmed that no contract agreement has yet been reached in Bavaria and insisted he wanted to be left in peace during the World Cup, indicating he could delay a decision on his future until after the tournament.

The 24-year-old rejected an offer from Bayern Munich in January and although there have been lots of murmurings from both camps in recent weeks, there has been no obvious progress.

Kroos rubbished the belief that delays have completely stemmed from his desire for more money but admitted the need for wage parity with some of Bayern Munich’s top earners has played a role in the stalled negotiations.

“It does certainly not just revolve around money, that’s not my character,” he told

“But of course it revolves around it too, otherwise I would be lying. We have been dealing with this subject for a long time and had not managed to come to an agreement by January.

“There is no date as to when a decision has to be made. I want to be able to fully concentrate on the World Cup; I want to be left in peace during the World Cup.”

When quizzed about what clubs he could leave Bayern for amid heavy links to Manchester United, he remained coy and refused to name any but insisted there were not many.

“There are not many clubs in question,” he said.

The longer Kroos’ contract is delayed with Bayern Munich, the more likely it is he could leave for Manchester United but if any potential move is delayed until after the World Cup, David Moyes would be forced to pay a massive premium as player prices are always inflated by international tournaments.

Kroos’ move to United might be improbable but it is not impossible.


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