Manchester United’s injury problems could now be a thing of the past

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United have opened the doors on a new medical centre that will contain some of the world’s cutting edge medical equipment, the official website has revealed.

Toshiba have provided scanning equipment that will help with the early diagnosis of injuries and improve the ability to create and implement research aimed at preventing injuries as a means to improve the career length of players.

This has been in the pipeline since United announced a partnership with Toshiba back in 2012 and if it proves fruitful, it could improve United’s track record with injuries.

By the sounds of things, this complex will be used more as a preventative method to stop players getting injured in the first place rather than a place that will help players to recover faster and the more preventative work United can do the better. It’s much easier to stop injuries happening in the first place than it is to heal them.

Hopefully, it will put an end to our injury woes. It will give David Moyes’ staff the opportunity to tailor fitness programs to individuals so as to best avoid injuries in the first place. Also, it could improve the twilight careers of some older players and give them longer playing time. 

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