PICTURE: Robin van Persie is all smiles in training for Liverpool match

by Sam Peoples

Robin van Persie’s sulky substitution against West Brom has been the topic of conversation this week among the press and Manchester United fans.

The Dutchman’s season hasn’t gone as well as anyone would have hoped, least not Van Persie himself, and it has led to speculation that he will leave Manchester United in the summer for pastures new.

Getty Images took plenty of photos of Van Persie from training today too and for someone who is depressed at his current situation, he looks very chirpy indeed.

What we should remember is that Van Persie has always been susceptible to a sulk. From Tim Krul and Olympiacos to Ryan Shawcross, Yohann Cabaye and Ashley Williams , Van Persie has never been one to avoid confrontation on the pitch.

There are certainly a few reasons to justify why Van Persie might consider leaving in the summer, and he may well do so, but he showed no signs of dragging his feet in training today ahead of the Liverpool game.

Image: Instagram/robinvanpersie

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