Manchester United fans react to David Moyes calling Liverpool favourites for Sunday

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes labelled Liverpool as the favourites for the game on Sunday against Manchester United and his comment has irked a lot of United fans.

“They possibly do come here favourites,” Moyes said at his press conference.

“Their league position suggests they’re ahead of us.”

When asked if fans would find that admission painful to hear, Moyes responded: “Did you ask the Liverpool manager that question when it was United over however many years?”

Moyes added: “I think it happens. There has been great rivalry between the two clubs. Liverpool are having a very good season. They’re our next game at home and we have to do all we possibly can to beat them.

“I think it’s the biggest club game in the Premier League. There has been great history between the two clubs over a long period.

“(Winning on Sunday) would be a big boost. It would be an important three points. I think everybody knows the importance of Manchester United-Liverpool games. We’ve played them twice this year – once in the league and once in the Cup. They’ve been tight games.”

There have been a few occasions where Moyes has said the wrong thing in press conferences this season – making it difficult for Newcastle, continuously pointing towards bad luck and trying harder, etc – and this was certainly another faux pas.

Liverpool are favourites going into Sunday on form this season but it’s a derby – form goes out the window. In this scenario, Moyes put him in a lose-lose situation – damned if he said Liverpool were favourites, called delusional if he said United were favourites. He should have avoided passing judgement altogether.

The ironic thing about his statement is that if Mourinho had said it, ‘classic mind games’ would have been the tagline but it’s defeatism as Moyes said it. That more than likely stems from the fact he hasn’t really employed mind games at any point this season

What is your take on David Moyes saying that Liverpool are favourites for the game at Old Trafford this weekend?

Image: Twitter/manutd

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